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hot enough to eat until they have fried it in oil, while the
Hunan people, noted for their soldiery and their dogged
persistence, offer a pleasanter variety of these descendants of
the ancient Ch'u warriors.

Movements of trade and the imperial rule of sending scholars

to official posts outside their native provinces l have brought

about some mixture of the peoples and have smoothed out

these provincial differences, but as a whole they continue to

exist.  For the significant fact remains that the northerner is

essentially a conqueror and the southerner is essentially a

trader, and that of all the imperial brigands who have founded

Chinese dynasties, none have come from south of the Yangtse.

The tradition developed that no rice-eating southerners could

mount the dragon throne, and only noodle-eating northerners

could. In fact, with the exception of the founders of the T'ang

and Ghou Dynasties, who emerged from north-east Kansu and

were therefore Turkish-suspect, all the founders of the great

dynasties have come from a rather restricted mountainous

area, somewhere around the Lunghai Railway, which includes

eastern Honan, southern Hopei, western Shantung and northern

Anhui.   It should not be difficult to determine the mileage

of the radius within which imperial babies were born with a

point on the Lunghai Railway as the centre of the area. The

founder of the Han Dynasty came from Peihsien in modern

Hsuchow, that of the Ch'in Dynasty came from Honan, that

of the Sung Dynasty came from Ghohsien in southern Hopei,

and Chu Hungwu of the Ming Dynasty came from Fengyang

in Honan*

To this day, with the exception of Chiang Kaishek of
Ghekiang whose family history has not been made public, the
generals for the most part come from Hopei, Shantung, Anhui
and Honan, also with the Lunghai Railway as the central
point. Shantung is responsible for Wu P'eifu, Chang Tsung-
ch'ang, Sun Ch'uanfang and Lu Yunghsiang. Hopei gives us
Ch'i Hstiehytian, Li Chinglin, Chang Chihchiang and Lu
Ghunglin. Honan produced Ytian Shihk'ai and Anhui pro-
duced Feng Yuhsiang and Tuan Ch'ijui. Kiangsu has pro-
duced no great generals, but has given us some very fine hotel

* Often the families of these officials settle down in their new homes.